Prizefighter Wheels: Tokyo

Prize Fighter Cutlery
Katsumi Minami, Akihiro Iida, Hiroki Muraoka, Shogo Teranishi, Leo Valls, Connor Kammerer
Eby Ghafarian, Kenshiro Yagi, Masanori Uruma, Mikey Cheah, Yoshi OPSB, Toriotoko
Thank you:
Uruma Masanori, Kukunochi, Katsumi Minami, Evisen Skateboards, Toriotoko, Jessamyn, VHSMAG, Joji Shimamoto, BCTION, Yuuki Morishita, Guru’s Cut & Stand, Takahiro Morita, Fat Bros, Foodeater, Shoko Ishida, Brenno & Sachi, and all friends new & old who were a part of this story.
Format: HD/Super 8 film
Small Time Crime Productions
Release date: 10/23/15
Photographed & edited by: Ray Knives
Rabit ‘Sun God’ Sun Dragon EP Soundman Chronicles Records
Mumdance ‘Dragon Egg’ Twists & Turns Mixtape Album
Far East Family Band ‘Metempsychosis’ Parallel World
‘Drop The Vowels’ by Millie & Andrea


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