Instagram: The Sleeping Horse

Well with a big weekend on Instagram, what better way to start off a Monday with a new “Widget” on the right hand side there.  Introducing the Sleeping Horse Instagram account! Whoop!  Click that button for all things Sleeping Horse instagram related.  You’re bound to see some skateboarding, maybe some cat photos, and probably some pictures of things that fall outside of either of those two categories.  insta1

Yup! Looks something like the image above, once you get there.  Here are a couple skate related photos from the weekend skating around in Emeryville, CA with Fakie Ollies and Evan Collisson.


Witness the brute strength and power of Corn bred and fed, Indiana Hoosier, Alex Greemann, going up and over doing his best Jake Johnson impression.  Some thought his wallie attempt was going to end a little like the HULK just ripping through a concrete wall, but he was able to go up and over while keeping the concrete jersey barrier intact.


Evan Collisson, aka, Lil’ B the Pole Hopper with a sweet switch Pole Jam.  Schwing!


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