Northern Co: Los Angeles

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Last week, the Northern Co team (Jesse Narvaez, Bryan Bothelo, Mike Gigante, Matt Town, James Sayres, Mike Lent, Jameel Douglas, Tobin Valverde) and myself along with Cody Rosenthal, Trevor Thompson, Zac Gracie, Zach Chamberin and Richard Hart all journeyed south to Los Angeles from San Francisco for one week.  We headed down the I-5 toward LA to make one pit stop at a ditch just outside of Bakersfield which we remembered having seen in. 4star Clothing video from about 7 years ago. It was from there we’d find refuge in our two bedroom apartment on Melrose Ave that we had rented for the duration of our stay.

Each day was greeted with our upstairs neighbor blasting some bass-heavy dance/techno music from 7am. This made it easy to get up and out of the house where we’d casually cruise the neighborhood in search for spots, donuts and coffee. We’d return to the house and head out for the day in the van testing the waters of LA skate spots.

A favorite past time of the group was to gamble for one dollar bills playing a dice game. Winning each others money was a great way to make sure you had enough cash for iced coffees and fresh fruit that day. As typical for lots of skaters in their 20’s, beer was even mildly consumed. Mildly being an understatement.

Lots of skateboarding took place on the trip and Los Angeles played a wonderful host to our somewhat rowdy and rambunxious lifestyle. Photos were taken, video filmed, and calories consumed. If you have a chance to skate in LA, I reccomend it. Spots are just as plentiful as coffee shops and Taqueria’s. Automobile reccomended, but we did manage to do a lot of just pushing through the streets. Cheers to the city of Los Angeles, the Northern Co, WKND Skateboards for such fun times.


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