As I spend more of my days in Los Angeles, I find beauty and things of interest everywhere I go.  I spend more time in a car now than in years past.  I ride my bike as much as I can.  It’s tough biking in a city that isn’t friendly to bikers.

In Japan, I peered out train car windows. In San Francisco, I spent most of my time skateboarding through it, being at eye level, always looking down, but never forgetting to look up.

Los Angeles is a fun city to be in and a fun city to explore.  I plan on snapping more photos, looking for more garbage, and making more videos here.


Our first installment from the city of Los Angeles, CA.  We reached out to some of our Florida, Tokyo and San Francisco contingent to help make this one come to life.  This one showcases the talent of Matt Town, Morishita Yuuki, Evan Collisson, Jon Rezonable, PJ Castellano, and DJ Griffis.  Filmed entirely in Los Angeles County, California, a first for the Sleeping Horse series.

Grab the Milkduds, some root beer and a comfy seat, sit back and enjoy 2 minutes and 30 seconds of some Southern California urban sprawl and crawl!

And for a double feature!

PJ Castellano exclusive Sleeping Horse part!

PJ came to visit us in Los Angeles a couple months ago.  He rented a car just so we could go out and explore the city!  This was filmed in about a week, just PJ and myself.  Fun times and great memories looking back!

We are proud to present a new part from our long time friend and cosmic wanderer, Cory Hainline.

Cory was one of the first people I met and skated with upon moving to San Francisco in 2008.  Cory was our medicine man, sprinkling Bay Area skate knowledge on our young impressionable minds as we found our paths in this new urban environment.  Cory is a mentor and big brother to us and we have great respect for his years on this floating cosmic marble planet that we call Earth.

Here’s to Cory and many more years of health and skateboarding in his future.  Enjoy this new part from Cory filmed in the past couple of years in the large apple… New York City. BOOM!

*Edit filmed by DJ Brethauer and Danny Renaud.  Edited by Cory Hainline.