1. Out of Season Halloween Decorations at the Port of Los Angeles

2. Patching up a split chin with super-glue

3. Have a Nice Day

4. The Marine Mammal rescue center in San Pedro

5. Tunnels in Bellflower, CA


“Head Arrangement,” by Nick Moore.

A skateboard film from Tennessee, inspired by the sounds of Sun-Ra and his Arkestra.

Staring- Josh Viles , Reed Levine and Nick Moore

Free Travel MFG brings you the second video installment since the inception into the world as of 4 months ago.

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“Trails” is an exploration of Los Angeles County on skateboard with Chris Thiessen behind the lens and Jesse Narvaez, Matt Town, Mike Bloodsworth, Josh Wilhite, Dylan Drew, Ryan Barlow, Jameel Douglas, San Jose Alex riding street planks.

A few weeks ago, friends from SF came to LA for a weekend skate trip.  All photos shown here are from that weekend!  I somehow woke up feeling sick the first day they were here after a rager the night before (2 beers), and puked my way from skate spot to skate spot.  It may have been food poisoning, but haven’t been that ill in a long time.  Anyways, enjoy the photos! More skate related iPhone photos to come soon.

Pete Spooner, creator of skate videos and United Airline’s baggage handler, has blessed us with more Pat Gallaher.

And that’s not all, he’s also blessed us with this part as well.  Watch ’em all, if ya got the time.

That’s right folks, Cooper Winterson part.  Watch that! There will be a quiz next week.  So please arrive with a sharpened #2 pencil, some scratch paper, and your thinking caps!

Oh, there’s more?  Yeah.

This guy comes with some impressive ledge and manual moves.  Was also surprised to see him skate some SF Bay Area Spots.  Nice work!  Thank you Pete for sharing these parts.

DVDs available at

I read an article yesterday about Facebook.  Basically it said, when Facebook was new, we all jumped on it because it was this fun and exciting new thing.  But social media wasn’t this new thing.  We were all on MySpace before that, and Friendster before that.  And even before that, a lot of us had our own websites or blogs.

Reading that article got me thinking about my own participation with Facebook and social media.  It reminded myself that I had this blog.  A place I could do exactly as I was doing with Facebook.  Share some photos, connect a little, exchange some ideas, thoughts.  And it was fun!

So here I am, sharing some photos from a trip to Seattle, WA I took back in October.  These were all taken on my iPhone.

Coming soon… A photo Journal from a recent trip to Tacoma, WA!  Woop-woop!