“Bobby Worrest, John Bardgwanath, Kevin Coakley, Ryan Barlow and Roger Krebs in Antwerpen and Lisboa searching for higher ground in PARTIAL WORLD TOUR II. Check sprinklesf.bigcartel.com please to support the next world tour. This has been made possible by Richard Hart at the Push Periodical foundation, Zach Chamberlin from Sprinkles and viewers like you.” -Zacher on VIMEO



Our first installment from the city of Los Angeles, CA.  We reached out to some of our Florida, Tokyo and San Francisco contingent to help make this one come to life.  This one showcases the talent of Matt Town, Morishita Yuuki, Evan Collisson, Jon Rezonable, PJ Castellano, and DJ Griffis.  Filmed entirely in Los Angeles County, California, a first for the Sleeping Horse series.

Grab the Milkduds, some root beer and a comfy seat, sit back and enjoy 2 minutes and 30 seconds of some Southern California urban sprawl and crawl!

And for a double feature!

PJ Castellano exclusive Sleeping Horse part!

PJ came to visit us in Los Angeles a couple months ago.  He rented a car just so we could go out and explore the city!  This was filmed in about a week, just PJ and myself.  Fun times and great memories looking back!