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Evan and Max skating on Geary Street

Evan combining his yoga moves and skateboarding

The view from behind the desk

Early on in the night

B&B, Ben and Bernard discussing  stem-cell research

Posting up for the start of the video.  I see you Carlos and Tsubasa!

Washed out

If you didn’t get enough, here’s some more!  Photos from last Friday’s Magenta Hill Street Blues premiere and photo-show!

Fecal Face gallery of San Francisco, also sent out their local correspondent who wrote up a little article on the show.  

I have many more photos that I’ll be putting up shortly of our day skating prior to the show.  So check back y’all.  In the meantime, give this one a whirl for ol’ times sake.


If you haven’t already heard, there is a premiere of Magenta’s Hill Street Blues 2 tomorrow at the Book and Job Gallery located at 838 Geary Street in San Francisco, CA.  Accompanying the video will also be over 80 photos snapped by Isaac McKay-Randoozi, Ben Gore, Evan Kinori and myself.

There will also be screen printed posters, DVD’s, Prize Fighter Wheels, and Magenta decks, all for sale at the show.  So time to start smashing those piggy banks and looking between couch cushions for change, kids.

We were all present last night at the gallery putting up the final photos and doing some finishing touches.  Here’s Ben, Isaac, and Carson working hard followed by Evan Kinori hanging a collection of Polaroids for all to see.  Come one, come all.  Even bring grandma along!  Hope to see you all there.


Prints by Ben Gore as seen in “Dimanche” (Via Isaac McKay Randozzi)

Prints by Ben Gore as seen in “Dimanche” Leo Valls Crailslides down a hill in SF (Via Isaac McKay Randozzi)
Last Sunday here in San Francisco, we all attended “Dimanche,” an art show at Tartine Cafe debuting the artwork of Ben Gore, Evan Kinori, and Ashley Owen. Isaac was there cpaturing the experience. Check out his bvlog at Color Magazine for more photos here:
This is the first of the openings and more are to come in the near future. Thanks to everyone at Tartine for hosting!

If you live in Minneapolis, the State of Minnesota, or any of the surrounding states, come show your support for some up and coming skateboard artists!

My art will be there, and maybe even me?

Anyways, come, have fun, meet some people, and buy a poster.

In the year 2008, I compiled my second zine. I gathered all my sketchbooks and compiled them together as one. This zine had only one copy ever made, which was sent to my friend in another continent. These are the life and times of the Zine formerly known as “#2.”