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What’s your name and where are you from?

My name’s Sam Cardelfe, I’m from Spring Lake, New Jersey


Do you recall your first exposure to skateboarding?

It’s crazy but I can still remember it super vividly, when I first moved to NJ before my friend Joe

Kane and his brother Drew were my friends, they would always skate on this curb that they

waxed up outside my house. I’d always watch them skate it from a far, but eventually I got the

courage to go say hi and from their it just took over every aspect of my life, best decision i’ve

ever made.


We have all had a first “set-up.” What was yours looking like?

It was a Powell Angel boy board where he has flames behind him and he’s flicking a coin in the

air, and god knows what trucks, they definitely weren’t an actual skate brand they were like one

step above K-Mart and same with the wheels, haha. Thinking back, the graphic was so crazy, it

made no sense whats so ever.


What got you interested in drawing and art?

My parents and my grandfather, my grandfather paints portraits and landscapes, my mom and

dad always drew for fun, little cartoons, drawings of people they knew things like that.


Who would you say were some of your early inspirations?

Again i’m going to have to say my parents, at least my sense of humor comes directly from

them, my dad would always draw the funniest cartoons of people doing the most heinous stuff.

But as far as artists, there weren’t to many artists that I really knew until I got to college, which

opened me up to a world of art and artists I didn’t know was there. I like a lot of older cartoons,

they had such a brutal sense of humor that really grabbed you.

Where do draw your inspiration from now?

Mainly just people around me, I live in Philadelphia which has a lot of interesting people from all

walks of life which helps a lot and I also live with a great group of people who provide fantastic

material daily. I like to make fun of things and people too, but for the most part I make fun of

myself or a situation i’ve found myself in, that sort of thing.

sad vampire

Besides Skating and Drawing, what else keeps you busy?

School and work, haha, graduating in May and working on my thesis so things have been a little

all over the place. Also hanging out with my roommates and playing smash brothers takes up a

lot of time too. It’s essential.


Do you have anything special in store for 2015?

Try and have some more shows, I’m currently working towards one coming up in July which

should be a bunch of fun, there’s going to be a lot of great artists involved, I can’t wait to see

everything come together. I also want to try and do more collaborative projects with different

artists, meet new people, travel a bit, and skate a lot more. Trying to keep everything relatively

fresh in 2015.


Last question. If you could travel and skate anywhere in the world, where would you go?

That’s a tough one! I’d have to say i’m stuck between Malmö, Sweden, and Copenhagen

Denmark, because i’ve never been to either and both seem like they’d be fun to skate and

explore. I really appreciate everything Pontus (Alv) does and I’m drawn to that DIY style of

skateboarding. All those DIY spots he’s built out there are something i’d really like to check out.

So, I guess i’m not really stuck at all, Malmö for sure.


Any Final words?

I’d like to just give a shoutout/thank you to all my teachers who have helped me with all aspects

of my artwork and believed in me, Kevin Mercer, Jason Greenberg, and Rossitza Skortcheva

Donesky, my parents for always being there also my crazy siblings,1511 money team mansion

and also thank you John for the interview on your awesome site!


Thank you Sam!  Make sure to take a look at Sam’s online Portfolio if you have a chance, HERE!



So, Matt….Tell us a little about yourself!

Well, I’m originally from Miami, Florida now living in Little Rock, Arkansas I am a skateboarder, artist and a cook having fun.

What’s Little Rock like?  Home of Bill Clinton right?  Ever had a Bill sighting?

I moved to Little Rock in 2010/11 and the downtown was a little more empty then it is now. I lived really close to the capitol so skating from the doorstep was always fun, like at night there were no cars on Sunday night, so the parking garages are fun.

Yep Clinton, he has a library in the (rivermarket) part of downtown which has revitalized the area… made some neat spots. No Clinton sighting. I wish.  


When did you get into skateboarding?  How is growing up skateboarding in the South?

I got into skating in middle school but I had older style skateboards around. I vaguely remember a Bruce Lee fishtail with rails when I was super young.  I spent most my time growing up in Homestead, Florida skating in a corner store packing lot. We had two curbs waxed and we ollied parking spot lines. Then we got older and started head to Downtown Miami and just loved skating around see different spots and chill, good times.


What drew you into becoming an artist?  What and who were the inspirations?

I love making stuff. Almost everything about it. Only in the past 3 years I truly can say I was “trying” to make art and fully express the emotion behind each piece. So most likely before then I was trying to figure everything out. I’m having a blast still figuring it out.

My inspirations are very much pop culture, people, the city then right into ancient culture, tribes and rituals. I like reading up about the mutable reasons they put different shells or feathers in their hair or headdress you can easily match up emotions with visual knowing about those things.


You have a very distinct style and even your own little guy.  Tell us, what’s up with these little guys you use in your paintings/drawings/prints?  Does “it” have a name?

First he was the lil dude. I was painting on wood with white paint and it just happened. Painted him holding a triangle, and it sat there. I looked at it for days, then it hit me. He was so blank, vague, generic, plan etc.. It would be a good representation of humanity. And with in holding the triangle “civilization” it was pretty powerful. He sticks around because i enjoy figure drawing a lot which is powerful in itself.


You recently started a company/ brand called “Bicycle Co.”  What’s up with the Bicycle Co.?  Who’s on “board”? Where’s the name come from?

Yea, I have a really good bud David Sawatski out in Arizona Right now, it’s just us, trying to get this thing off the ground, doing the skating. A few prospects but nothing definite yet. Just trying to have fun making some nice products and showcase everyday skating.


Are you primarily the creative direction and force behind Bicycle Co.?

Yea, I do the doodling, ideas and some computer work. What I like is that there is a ton of communication between me and David on ideas. It works out.

You guys are primarily printing shirts and jackets? 

David works in an established print shop and oversees everything that is made.


I saw you did some boards as well? 

Boards are made here in Arkansas, North Little Rock by Paige Hearn and hand screened super renegade style by me.  No press, guessing and one fun night. Made only 10, going to be doing a new graphic using the same technique soon.


Any Bicycle Co. projects planned for the near future?

We’re trying to make some sort of video piece. Hopefully have a full run of boards out by fall with a few other nice things for sale. We’ll do it sooner than that if we can make it happen.


I read you guys are trying to travel a bit.  I’m always interested to hear where people are trying to go. So, where you headed?

I really liked pushing around New York last time. But meet up with David out in Arizona is the primary mission to hang and skate some neat dessert spots.

Where can we find Bicycle Co. gear?

You also have a project called, “Tea Time Skates.”  What’s up with Tea Time?

Tea time is a project with my buds to have some fun filming hanging out. I always wanted just to do arty videos with skating so tea time became that opportunity and that outlet. With intsagram’s fifteen second videos it fits.

Thanks Matt, any final words, comments, shout outs?

I want to Thank you for this opportunity first and foremost

Thank you family, friends for all the support…..  And skateboarding !

JohnLindseyMagentaboardGood friend, Dr. Isaac McKay-Randozzi wrote up a nice little piece on the board I did for the Magenta Guest Artist program.

Head over to his blog and have a read for yourself.  There is also a short video clip from our weekly Sunday Morning donut meet-ups which took place every Sunday morning where we talked donuts, donut recipes, donut shops, and rode our skateboards while eating donuts.  Thanks Isaac!

The board is also available through US Magenta Distributor, Theories of Atlantis