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1. Out of Season Halloween Decorations at the Port of Los Angeles

2. Patching up a split chin with super-glue

3. Have a Nice Day

4. The Marine Mammal rescue center in San Pedro

5. Tunnels in Bellflower, CA


A few weeks ago, friends from SF came to LA for a weekend skate trip.  All photos shown here are from that weekend!  I somehow woke up feeling sick the first day they were here after a rager the night before (2 beers), and puked my way from skate spot to skate spot.  It may have been food poisoning, but haven’t been that ill in a long time.  Anyways, enjoy the photos! More skate related iPhone photos to come soon.

In December of 2018, I was lucky again to head up to the rainy Pacific Northwest for a short trip which was only supposed to last a day but ended up lasting 5 days.  I had been to Tacoma once back in the early 2000’s, but stayed in a Motel by the I-5 and spent all my time in a skatepark.  This time I got to do a little more exploring and see more of the city and beyond which included a trip to the Tacoma Art Museum and also a Bonsai garden in Federal Way.  Both of which I highly recommend if you ever find yourself in the area.  I didn’t have a skateboard on this trip, but glad I didn’t drag one along since it rained pretty heavy almost the entire time I was there.

Also, Happy New Year!  I got to spend the last days of 2018 in Arizona.  I will share some photos soon!

I read an article yesterday about Facebook.  Basically it said, when Facebook was new, we all jumped on it because it was this fun and exciting new thing.  But social media wasn’t this new thing.  We were all on MySpace before that, and Friendster before that.  And even before that, a lot of us had our own websites or blogs.

Reading that article got me thinking about my own participation with Facebook and social media.  It reminded myself that I had this blog.  A place I could do exactly as I was doing with Facebook.  Share some photos, connect a little, exchange some ideas, thoughts.  And it was fun!

So here I am, sharing some photos from a trip to Seattle, WA I took back in October.  These were all taken on my iPhone.

Coming soon… A photo Journal from a recent trip to Tacoma, WA!  Woop-woop!

In the past couple of weeks, I have been spending most of my free time driving around in South Los Angeles looking for stuff to skate. I have found many things to skate, but also some things I didn’t expect to find. Melted crayons, painted rocks, and beautiful wall art. I feel like things here are endless. I’ll continue to search here.

A journal of photos taken from March 2017 until the Fall of 2017 during the filming of Chris Thiessen’s, OLD EARTH.

The photos above were shot by my iPhone 7 which accompanied me on each skate outing with Chris and the crew.  All photos taken in the cities of; Long Beach, San Pedro, and Los Angeles.  The iPhone spent a lot of its time in my pocket.  It managed to not get a crack or dent and to this day is still shooting photos.  It currently ran out of space, but I’m crowdfunding to get some extra storage in my iCloud account…KIDDING!

I hope you enjoy the photos and check back soon for more.  I have a stack of 35mm film photos which I have not shared.  Keeping them in the vault which I plan on unlocking sometime within the next 20 years.