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We are proud to present a new part from our long time friend and cosmic wanderer, Cory Hainline.

Cory was one of the first people I met and skated with upon moving to San Francisco in 2008.  Cory was our medicine man, sprinkling Bay Area skate knowledge on our young impressionable minds as we found our paths in this new urban environment.  Cory is a mentor and big brother to us and we have great respect for his years on this floating cosmic marble planet that we call Earth.

Here’s to Cory and many more years of health and skateboarding in his future.  Enjoy this new part from Cory filmed in the past couple of years in the large apple… New York City. BOOM!

*Edit filmed by DJ Brethauer and Danny Renaud.  Edited by Cory Hainline.

The Evan’s premiered live, on the internet (specifically YouTube ) on November 20, 2016.  This video was filmed within 2 weeks, one probably 3 separate occasions skating with Evan Kinori and Evan Collisson and myself with some help from Jonathan Rezonable.  This was my final chance to make something from my time in San Francisco before bidding it farewell and adieu.

So, sit back and hit that play button and watch some casual skating from the Evan’s.  I hope to meet the Evan’s again.  Possibly together at the same time.  Here’s to the future, and to the Evan’s!



Feat: Parlour team/associates = Chris Oliver, Justin Biddle, Joe Sivell, Chris Parsons, Shaun Witherup, Pani Paul, Horsey, Jason Caines, Kyron Davies, Josh Cox, Cam Barr, Tristan Rudman, Diego, Croydan, Gocke, Pavel Berezuk, Filip Wojonowski & Froby.

Video by Jake Kuzyk

Dustin Henry
Ben Blundell
Keegan Sauder
Rick McCrank
Colin Nogue
Mitch Charron
Brett Stobbart
Wade Fyfe
Mike Mcdermott
Michelle Pezel
Trevor Dunnett
Bradley Sheppard
Landon Avramovic
Jacob Lavelle
Jeff Matheson
Tyler Warren
Ryan Witt

Antisocial Skateboard Shop 2016

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada